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"And all things, whatever you make request for in prayer, having faith, you will get".

Matthew 21:22 BBE

The purpose of this part of the church is to offer a place for you to leave a request for prayer...

You have several options:-

  The Prayer Book

Post a request Read requests

Your request will be dealt with as soon as possible and forwarded to others who have offered their time to pray for your needs. 


Responses to prayer requests:

When viewing responses, use caution. Think and pray about the reply. Although most people are encouraging and loving, people can be wrong and even a few can be damaging. View the responses at your own risk. Be smart.
NLOLM(UK) is not responsible for the content of these messages.

  Prayer E-Mail

  Become a Prayer Partner

Do you want to be a Prayer Partner for this church?

A Prayer Partner  helps to lift up the needs of the individual to the Almighty. 

You too can have the opportunity to become a Prayer Partner. Click HERE for details...

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