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For Muslims who seek...

Muslims are seeking the truth by the thousands. Visit and learn about Hazrat Isa, dreams and visions of the "Man in White", the holy message of the Al-Kitab, and more...


My own outreach ministry...

A new outreach redefining church in Lincolnshire (UK)... At cell-base we believe that church can be different and indeed should be. We also believe that being part of a community of faith called Ďchurchí is vital to the spiritual journey and not worth abandoning. We donít claim to be perfect people; neither do we have all the answers. Yet for us, church is not just about programmes, denominations, stained glass and boring liturgies -

Itís about: People exploring the mystery and beauty of Christ, His teachings and being shaped by them.

Itís about: The simplicity of living the love of Christ to each other and to the world.

Itís about: Finding what your ĎReasoní is as you connect with God, cell-base and the community

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