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4 Kids

Resources to keep kids entertained - right this way...

  Looking for answers? The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening manner.

Christian Chat Rooms and Discussion Groups

  • Because chat rooms and discussion forums come and go so fast, it is not possible for me with limited resources to keep up to date on which sites are genuine, or indeed are still on-line.
  • General christian links ore found here

JESUS Film Project

JESUS is the most ambitious film ever produced about the life of Christ and is based completely on the Bible narrative from the Gospel of Luke. At the JFP web site, you can view the complete movie online and in 14 languages. You can also order the film.
  • JESUS Film Project
  • View the film online! Now in 14 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Vietnames, Japanese, and more. You will need RealVideo to view the movie, and a link is provided for easy installation.

Christian Video, Films, and Activities

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Christian Dramas

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